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Hey, I'm Gold.

This is my main blog, where I reblog art I like, complain a bit and occasionally attempt to communicate with people.

You can check out my art @goldcomet

sometimes a stream is just you as an anime character, a couple friends, and your mum


The VTuber I've been working on now also has a 3d model :D


Debut twitch stream on sunday

I'm excited

I've never done this kind of thing before and I know I'm only gonna have like 2-3 viewers but oh well! Thats how you start!

appears here again after 200 years

listen i'm not very well versed in streaming, neither doing nor watching

what games are like... the popular ones that people are watching atm?

❄ a piece i did for Rhodes Island, a free Arknights fanzine!
i really enjoyed watching everyone's pieces come together, please check it out!!
you can download it from here!!

seeing the protector of another system publicly lashing out to try and defend their system is


upsetting that that level of distress and danger was felt.

this thunderstorm can continue happening though

two energy drinks... 3 caffeine pills... a bag of sweets...

the only other energy drinks are room temperature...

if i can just stay awake 53 more minutes

but that still doesn't guarantee i won't wake up at 5:30 again

can someone take me out with a sledgehammer

i would say a sleeping dart but that's too needle for me

thellere commented:
FINALLY you're doing the sensible thing and what I could have sworn I told you was the solution last week

yeah and that was what i attempted first but minus the caffeine pills

but i stlil wasn't managing past like, 8pm

with the naps and such i've managed to just break midnight so hopefully

combining their powers, plus not having a relentless yesterday, will give me the strength to survive today

1 note

todays plan: nothing mentally taxing

three days of 'i'll nap in the afternoon/evening so i can stay up later so i don't wake up at 5:30am' have failed

so today i'm gonna just take it easy, but take it

i didn't have an energy drink yesterday so i'll have two today and also some of my caffiene pills if i can 1. find them and 2. if they're not out of date

i am GOING to stay conscious if it fucking KILLS me

me: thinking about ordering some stuff from stimtastic, goes on their site, chooses a couple of cheap things i like

their header: yeah we’re not shipping out the US right now

tfw you're having to watch a html course to do a javascript course and have it make sense but you already know everything that goes in <body> from fucking with tumblr themes so much but fuck all about <head> and therefore constantly having to switch between SUPER FOCUS and 'yeah w/e i know'

@ anon


me, making adopts because a game i want is coming out in two days: